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Contact us for all your repair, replacement, & upgrade requirements. Whether you need replacement of a plain Sleeve Bearing, Taperland thrust bearing, Tilt-Pad style bearing, or a labyrinth seal. Chances are, we have already made your parts and all we need is the OEM part number. If we haven't done it already, we can reverse engineer it from your sample in a matter of hours.

Also available are labyrinth seals, oil deflectors, and babbitted bearings (sleeve type, taper-land thrust type, tilt pad journal type) for many GE Frame 3, Frame 5, Frame 6, and Frame 7 gas turbines. Bearings include: 106D172G001, 113D2827, 116D1175G005, 125D340, 138C8066, 138C8067G001, 138C8067G002, 138C8067G006, 138C8592G001, 138C8604G001, 138C8640G001, 138C8640G002, 138C8640G003, 138C8640G004, 138C8762G001, 138C8762G002, 138C8772G001, 142D4320G002, 142D4710G001, 142D4910G001, 142D4911, 143D6567G001, 143D6567G002, 144B9083G001, 144B9084G001, 145C3852G004, 147C171G001, 149C5369, 149C5600, 152D983G001, 153C412G004, 154D7107G001, 154D7127, 157C316G001, 158A7392, 163C4336G001, 164C2817G001, 164C2817G002, 165A674, 165A870, 172C9024G001, 172D7207G001, 185A1603P001, 185A1605P001, 186C1661G001, 186C1661G002, 186C1692G005, 188C9370G001, 188C9724G001, 188C9724G002, 188C9724G003, 188C9724G004, 188C9724G005, 188C9724G005, 199B334G001, 199B514, 199B535G001, 206C326G001, 211C468G001, 211C468G002, 211C468G003, 211C468G004, 224C7726G001, 224C7743G001, 226A1151G001, 226A1152G001, 226A1214P001, 226A1221P001, 293A0683G001, 296A0627P001, 314A5904P001, 319C118G001, 319C118G002, 319C118G004, 319C118G006, 319C132G002, 319C132G004, 319C177G002, 319C177G004, 319C578G001, 319C578G002, 319C578G003, 319C578G004, 323B931G001, 333D460G001, 337D985G0010, 337D986G0013, 436C937G001, 438C915, 657D438G001, 713C306P001, 718C542, 718C545, 719C455G001, 719C457, 719C457G002, 719C457G004, 722C903G001, 722C903G002, 722C903G003, 743C868P001, 745C198G001, 745C199G001, 746C267P001, 746C711G001, 746C774, 746C774G001, 746C777, 746C878, 747C778G002, 748C451G001, 748C810, 748C811, 759B890G001, 816D736G001, 816D757G001, 837E568G001, 874E292. Seals include: 125D181, 134B328, 134B409, 134B410, 134B418, 134B429, 138C9173G003, 143B1773, 143B1774G001, 143B1775G001, 143B1812G001, 143B3287G001, 157C134, 157C181, 157C183G001, 157C360G001, 184A8410G001, 188C9732G001, 188C9733G001, 199B260, 211C457G001, 211C494, 211C496G001, 297A274G003, 297A275G003, 333D354G001, 654A837G001, 665B730, 665B777, 718C398, 719C575, 721C224, 8995874G001, 915B393, 915B489, 915B513, 917B561.